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Emotional connection is the key to our decision making. Brand, Product, Person or your latest music single, NEW COLONY FILM is focused on sharing and building your story. You have a vision...It may be revolutionary or different. But every day we are bombarded over social media and many other channels. How can you stand out in the crowd? Characters are what make life interesting. Their stories helps us learn, be inspired and motivated to make a difference. Thats where character driven stories come in. Exploring your characters story, takes your audience on an journey inspiring them to act and do something about what they have seen. Its this connection that makes you stand out from the crowd… with a little movie magic too! Our focus has always been on collaborating to achieve results. Through a proven story driven methodology, every decision we make is laser focused with the end goal in mind. If your looking for results and a unique, collaborative and engaging team to work with, we are waiting to work with you.