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Blunatic Audiovisual Communications

Blunatic Audiovisual Communications

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Blunatic Audiovisual Communications was founded in 2005. Run by Dr Christina Georgiou, an award-winning composer and writer, Berlinale Talents Alumna and a Member of the European Film Academy, Blunatic collaborates with a highly motivated artistic team, providing a variety of audio and multimedia services. Due to its multifaceted range of activities, it has recently branched out to Blunatic Records and Blunatic Pictures. Blunatic Audiovisual Communications has contributed to the production of a multitude of award-winning feature and short films, commercials, dance and theatre performances, literary publications and other interdisciplinary projects, We provide originally composed music in any style, for any project: from film, TV, theatre, dance and performance music to songwriting, we can provide high-quality recordings that fit your needs and your pocket. And if you need that extra touch, our collaborating instrumentalists and music producers will provide just what you had in mind and more, in our very own in-house recording studio.

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