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Commandaria Orchestra

The Commandaria Orchestra is a world-class performing Symphonic Ensemble and gives a number of concerts every season on a huge range of platforms. The Commandaria Orchestra is available to be hired for your film, advert or video game soundtrack or recording. Is also available for hire to perform at your event, festival, concert series or venue. No matter what your event we pride ourselves on our competitively priced and personalized service which we offer to each and every client. Commandaria Orcehstra Was established in 2009 by The Cyprus Wine Museum. Amongst the achievements of the Commandaria Orchestra are a series of concerts in Greece and Bulgaria in 2012 and 2013, collaborations with The Sofia National Opera and Ballet and The Varna State Opera, collaboration with The Comédie de Genève in the production of “Cassandre” by Michel Jarrell, directed by Hervé Loichemoi and performed by the French actress Fanny Ardant Read more on:

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