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Cyprus Studio

Cyprus Studio is a local division of international TakeAwayStudio network, collaborating with other recording and music production studios around the world on local and international projects. Our recording studio offers a wide selection of music recording, music production, and audio post-production services. Our studio welcomes you to collaborate on any size and complexity projects from simple voice over playback recording up to full music production of an album. We collaborate with many local and foreign musicians, composers and producers to provide you any service you need. As a part of the recording and production process we also do audio editing, resampling, orchestration and producer's guidance at any stage of the project, if needed. Our recording studio is designed and built according to the highest acoustical standards, using sophisticated acoustic treatment. The average frequency response of a control room fits in +/- 4 dB range in 35 Hz - 20 kHz, combined with even reverberation time throughout the frequency range, it is suitable for highest standard production, mixing and mastering tasks. The heart of the studio is an SSL (Solid State Logic) analogue mixing console wi

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