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MOI Worldwide is a visual effects, post-production and production company established in the year 2017 The core skills of the company rest in high-end visual effects and animation content. Cyprus is an emerging market with great potential to share its creative skills and beautiful locations to the rest of Europe. It is for this reason that MOI elected to answer the call from his international clients for a high end full service post production facility in Europe and extend MOI’s unique offering to include a Cyprus office. MOI has awoken the senses that ignite and now empowers their agencies and clients by offering the opportunity to create work and realise visions that they’ve only dreamed of. Creative difficulties, budget constraints and turnaround times are now a thing of the past.MOI can do it. MOI’s solution boasts 42 highly skilled and experienced creative employees worldwide to provide their clients and the consumers an experience like never before. The pool of talent consists of innovative developers, directors of photography, commercial directors, conceptual assistants, social media content design experts, compositors, animators, editors and other