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Petra Terzi

Petra Terzi studied Business and Tourism Administration,Classical studies,Life Coaching,Film Direction in AKMH Film School in Athens,Greece.Master in Digital Video Production. She is co-writer of the script of the feature film "49 Years After" WGAWEST Reg. Nr: 1826650 "The Studio - To Belong to Yourself" is Petra's first short film,officially selected in the 69th Cannes Film Festival–Short Film Corner. Petra's second short film “Dirty Roses”(2016) is part of the Film Trilogy“Roses By Petra Terzi”.It is a documentary dealing with the power of the soul of the disabled persons and the war refugees in Greece.It got several awards in international film festivals in Serbia,Spain,New York,India,USA,Greece etc. More filmography as a director: “Chasing the Dream in Nafplio”(2016)–short doc “Don't Love Me So Much”(2016)–short, cult, drama “49 Years After - Above Limits”(2017)–short , antiwar, biography, humanitarian “Thornless Roses”(2017)&“Rainbow Roses"(2018)-short docs,refugees,politics “49 Years After – The Gifted"(2018)-short, proof of concept “Human Enlightenment in Delphi”(2018)–mobile short doc “She Should Run-Cyprus"(2019)-feature doc,women politicians