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Prickly Pear Animation

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We are an independent animation studio specializing in story/storyboarding and character design/environment design/concept art and all things pre-production. Our experience ranges from animated TV series and music videos to feature and short films. Other than pre-production, which is our main specialty, We also have the capacity for taking on parts of the production stage of an animated project (character animation, 2D FX animation, Layout and BG Design, Editing, etc) by collaborating with a trusted network of talented 2D animation professionals in Cyprus and across Europe. With an extensive history in 2D and 3D animated productions, storyboard artist Magnus KrÄvik and designer Katerina Pantela joined forces to form Prickly Pear Animation in 2021. Prior to that they have worked for a range of European animation studios, on productions such as Wander Over Yonder (Disney XD), Space Chickens in Space (Disney XD), The House (Netflix), My Little Pony: A New Generation (Netflix), and more.

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