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Anastasios Pantziarides

Anastasios Pantziarides

Akamantos 15 nicosia +357 22 317457

I’ve been travelling around the world for the best part of the last twenty years and, despite the constant change in life, photography is the one thing that stuck with me. Hundreds of thousands of pictures later, it’s starting to make sense. In a weird way, looking through the viewfinder helps me find out more about who I am, and at the same time find out more about you and the world. A portrait conveys a message and carries your personal brand. My technical and business background have become part of my creative shooting process, providing an environment where the camera is not the focus. You are. My portfolio includes multinational corporations and some of the most prominent business leaders, creative directors, and other decision makers along with ministers and ambassadors based in Cyprus. Available to work on set with your Film Crew in Cyprus and abroad.

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