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Harry Connick Jr. is heading to the Mediterranean Sea. In new romantic comedy Find Me Falling, the singer and actor (Independence Day, New in Town, The Iron Giant) plays a role that may initially seem like familiar territory for the singer and actor: a rock star. But that’s where the similarities between Connick and his character, John Allman, end. “He’s playing against type as a brooding, tattooed, lonely rock star,” writer/director Stelana Kliris tells Tudum. “We couldn’t have asked for a better fit, and on top of that, he wrote two fantastic songs for the film.”

Connick isn’t Find Me Falling’s only star.  The island of Cyprus, which Kliris calls home, was given an onscreen spotlight of its own. 


“This film is a love letter to Cyprus, and I hope that it transports audiences and gives them a little bit of magical escapism,” she says. “Plus, there was nothing better than walking out on set on a cliff overlooking the endless blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. You can’t ask for a better ‘view from the office!’”

Read on for more information about Find Me Falling, and stay tuned for the new film when it hits Netflix on July 19. 

What is Find Me Falling about?

Coming off a flop album and his biggest hit’s dwindling popularity, aging rock star John Allman decides to take a break from his career to reclaim his spark. He moves to an isolated cliffside home on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Cyprus, but John’s dream of keeping a low profile is derailed when he is routinely confronted by desperate souls and later faced with even more complicated surprises when an old flame reignites.

“This is a love story about many kinds of love: romantic, family, lifelong dreams, and what you’re willing to sacrifice for the people or the things you love,” Kliris says. “John essentially has to decide whether the love of his life is his music or the woman he left behind.”

Who’s in the cast of Find Me Falling?

Alongside Connick Find Me Falling stars Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Tony Demetriou, Aggeliki Filippidou, Lea Maleni, Athina Roditou, and Clarence Smith.

The cast brought a  crucial ingredient to the film that Kliris felt was needed for a perfect rom-com: heart. “You can have all the bells, whistles and gags that you want, but without real substance, you can’t connect with your star-crossed lovers,” she says. “You also need characters — and the actors who play them — that people will fall in love with. Find Me Falling certainly has both.”


When will Find Me Falling be on Netflix?

Find Me Falling hits Netflix on July 19. Kliris has a few promises. “This movie will feel like a vacation,” she says. And one more thing: “Harry Connick Jr. has a few new songs for you … in more than one language.”

Source: TUDUM by Netflix