The cast of Love Rat, the new series that debuted on the UK’s Channel 5 this week, had nothing but praise for Cyprus where the romantic thriller was filmed.

Love Rat is a four-part series that follows recently divorced Emma, played by Sally Lindsay as she enjoys a whirlwind holiday romance with charming hotel proprietor, Niko, played by Gerald Kyd on the paradise island of Cyprus. When she realises that Niko and his partner-in-crime George, played by Ramon Tikaram, have scammed her out of her life savings, she embarks on a dangerous mission to get her money back, aided by ex-husband Pete, played by Neil Morrissey.

Here’s what they had to say when asked: How did you find filming in Cyprus?

Sally Lindsay (Emma): “The Cypriots are gorgeous”

“I absolutely loved it. I loved the people and I learned a lot about the culture. To have that time there was so lovely because the Cypriots are gorgeous. I fell in love with the island and the history is mind-blowing.”

Neil Morrissey (Pete): “The Cypriots were fantastic - they couldn’t do enough for us”

“I mean, it's always nice when you're less than 30 steps from a gleaming azure sea! We were in Ayia Napa, which was mostly closed for the winter, and I had a few days to wander around before filming. The Cypriots were fantastic - they couldn’t do enough for us. There was good food and good work, which makes for a great combo.”

Gerald Kyd (Niko): “A special mention should be put out to the Cypriot crew who were just incredible”

"Oh, it was terrific. We did a lot of what's called continuous days. So you start at about 11 o'clock and then you work through to the night. So, I would get up in the morning, have breakfast, go for a swim in the sea, get my head in the game. We were essentially working in the hotel we were staying in. So you would have makeup calls and costume calls, like three doors down to where you're sleeping. It was just such a pleasure.

I have family that live in Cyprus. So, one day I drove to Larnaca and saw some family who I hadn't seen in 25 years. That was really special actually. I had lunch with my uncle and his wife. It was really great experience.

It was such a great team. A special mention should be put out to the Cypriot crew who were just incredible - they work hard, and they play hard as well. From start to finish everyone was so welcoming. Andy Morgan, who was the Executive Producer, was just so welcoming and so unflustered. It was like how I would want all jobs to be - really lovely."

Ramon Tikaram (George): “I’d never filmed in Cyprus before and it was gorgeous”

"I’d never filmed in Cyprus before and it was gorgeous. I left on 26th November and it was still 26 degrees; on the morning of my final scene I was still able to lie on the beach for an hour before filming, which sets you up nicely. That’s opposed to November in the UK, where you have to put on three layers before you go to work and it’s horrible.

I loved going into work. The Cypriot crew were so proficient and professional, and as tight as you’d find in any British set-up. What I found sad is that as soon as we left they didn’t have another project lined up for ages - the people in our industry there just don’t have enough work. You’d ask, “Have you thought about coming to Britain?”, but that’s not going to be easy now.

I had a few days when the big romantic sections were being filmed, so I spent all that time stocking up on vitamin D by sunbathing on a quiet beach. I walked for quite a while until I found myself entirely isolated, apart from a couple of boats here and there. Gorgeous.”

Source: CBN